Real Racing 2: Experience an Adrenaline Rush Like Never Before!

Real Racing 2 is a famous racing game that was developed and published by Firemint in the year 2010. It is powered by the Mint3D engine and has awesome graphics. The controls that have been provided in Real Racing 2 are similar to the first version titled Real Racing. The gamer has been provided with five distinct control options to choose from.

Option A illustrates the accelerometer steering with automatic acceleration and manual braking.

Option B features the accelerometer steering with manual acceleration and manual braking.

Option C showcases a virtual steering wheel on the screen to turn the car onto the desired path with auto acceleration and manual brakes.

Option D features a virtual steering wheel with manual acceleration and manual brakes.

Option E provides the touch to steer option that functions by touching the left part of the screen to turn left, and the right side to turn right with auto acceleration and manual brakes.

These are the exciting features associated with this game have been listed below:-

  • You can test your racing prowess against skilled Al drivers.
  • Choose from an amazing array of 30 official racing cars including cars like Nissan GT-R, McLaren MP4-12C, Ford Shelby Mustang GT500, and many others.
  • Outstanding racing environment unleashed!
  • Get upto10 hours of enticing gameplay.
  • Fabulous racing tracks with the option of night races.
  • 5 unmatched camera settings to provide improvised racing experience.
  • Striking graphics coupled up with the Best LED TV is going to offer an outstanding 3-D experience.

This real-time game is loved by many racing freaks from all the corners of the world and has achieved a lot of fame. So, if you also want to join the racing army, download the Real Racing 2 APK now and experience a whole new level of extreme racing.

Real Racing 2 – Gameplay

The game playing controls in Real Racing 2 is pretty analogous to its previous version. The player is provided with 5 distinct control techniques from which to select: Option A comes with the accelerometer steering, manual brake, and auto accelerate; Option B comprises manual accelerate, accelerometer steering, and manual brake; Option C offers a simulated on-screen steering wheel for navigation, manual brake, and auto accelerate, Option D has a simulated steering wheel to navigate, manual brake, and manual accelerate on offer; Option E delivers a touch for direction, manual brake, and auto accelerate.

In every single one of the above-described options, the player might be able to adjust the expanse of steering assist and brake assist, in addition to choosing to turn off or on “anti-skid”. Using Options A and B, the sensitivity of the accelerometer might as well be altered.

Minecraft – The game that has long been everyone’s favorite!

Minecraft is a fantastic block game that can provide you the much-needed entertainment you as you place blocks. This gaming app gives you the freedom to explore the new lands that have been generated randomly. You can build Castles from the simplest of things provided to you that are ‘Blocks’. The Creative mode provides you the best gameplay experience with never-ending resources and the Survival Mode makes you dig deep into the turf, where you have the option to produce different weapons to battle with the fierce mobs. Do all this exciting stuff with your gang members and have the utmost fun.

The newest and free updates have so much to offer to the gamers; jungle temples, new pistons, texture packs, Xbox Live support, and another exclusive service is going to be added soon, that is REALMS! This provides us the easiest way by which you can play with your buddies in a cross-platform gaming adventure that too in a different universe; anywhere and anytime you desire.

Things Minecraft Teaches Kids for a Smarter Life

Builds Creativity

Minecraft provides kids identical creative liberty, but it’s stress-free on the pocket. In addition, you won’t ever stride on a slack piece barefooted in the dim. In case you haven’t seen or played it, Minecraft is a really blocky sphere in which everything has been put up from blocks. Even the ground is crafted of blocks and even the character avatar is pretty blocky.

You go ahead in the game by sifting or mining the blocks of numerous materials like wood, stone, lava, etc. You utilize them for various creations or pool them in the “recipes” to produce further progressive tools, materials, and objects.

Kids can play anywhere

Different from those top-notch video games that are best played on an LED TV, solely function on definite systems or need costly hardware to get going, Minecraft is going to function anywhere. It is going to run on smartphones, computers, and tablets, a majority of gaming consoles, numerous handheld gadgets, and plenty of others.

It’s kid-friendly

Minecraft isn’t associated with any sort of fighting elements. You solely require fending off the “mobs” of beasts; however, the graphics are non-violent and blocky, similar to the video games of the past.

  • The key features provided by the game are:-
  • A free trial is offered that can be enjoyed for a period of 30 days.
  • Witness a haphazardly created place of blocks.
  • Improvise and enhance your imagination.
  • Build unique and distinctive Castles.
  • Manufacture the grievous armors and weapons for the combat.
  • Easily available on Android devices and PC.
  • Enjoy it with your friends and family.
  • Keep a watch on your achievements with Xbox Live Support.
  • Explore the Jungle Temples at random and the world of Zombies.

Grab the Minecraft APK straight away and capture the latest realms to keep the adventure quotient on top.

Get these Beauty Apps to Capture the Best Selfies with Your Phone!

These days, all the people desire to look flawless and perfect on each and every social platform that they use the internet. Therefore, to get the finest selfies, which are ideal for your profiles, there exist a wide range of beauty apps that have the expertise to effortlessly provide you the exact type of change and perfection that you need in your image in just 3-4 easy steps.

These apps help you in acquiring more likes, comments, and shares on your profile since the images that they produce are really fabulous and flawless. Thus, to spread some awareness regarding such beauty applications for the smartphones, we have enlisted a few from the beauty applications list.

Makeup Genius

When using this application, you don’t need to upload any picture, this app affects all from cat eyes to bold and dark red lip shade or the pink blush or all at once. By means of your cell phone’s front camera, the application scans a total of 64 spots on your face to entirely swipe on the makeup. Using this application from L’Oréal Paris, you will witness that your face will look like the models in the television commercials endorsing the beauty products. As it all takes place live, you can check out each and every appearance from different angles.

Drugstore Dupes

This application is an invitation for all the beauty freaks that shop on a defined budget and pairing beauty items with low-cost drugstore modes. This app definitely puts reasonably priced goods suggestions for makeup, hair, skin, tools, and nails all at a single junction. So, all those who often shop for beauty products, this mobile app is a must.


As all of us know about how to edit an iPhone image so that we can share it on various social networks. But this application presents an extraordinary group of editing apparatus which doesn’t require any laptop or computer. With this application, you can smooth your complexion, flush unwanted marks, remove red-eye, and brighten up your teeth really fast.


With this application, all you need to do is click a photo of yours, build a skin profile, and let the application do the rest; it makes use of the dermatologist rated technology to recognize the biggest skin problem you encounter like redness, wrinkles, and spots, then give out the best recommendations for the products that can take care of them. This entire thing just takes place in a matter of seconds, and you can even buy those products right away!

Movavi Video Editor – The Easiest Tool to Edit Videos Quickly!

The Movavi Video Editor software has been tested, reviewed, and verified by us before offering you a proposal to buy it online. Watching many people than ever before these days’ record the memorable videos, this is a secure gamble that you also do it at least from time to time.

From seizing outstanding moments to capturing significant occasions, till the time you possess any smartphone or the branded digital camera along, you will be able to effortlessly record all that video stuff you require.

Even though, while you move over a few parts of that video footage that you recorded, you might not at all time be content with its quality. Perhaps you sense that you just really desire to retain a certain section of it, or perhaps certain parts are unstable or the contrast is moldy?

This is the reason why it benefits you to be capable of editing your recorded videos, and there exists no simpler method to begin going down the road than by making use of the Movavi Video Editor.

Movavi Video Editor Software

Like a wide-ranging and commanding video corrector, the Movavi Video Editor software is going to prepare you along with the whole thing you require to capture even the most normal video footage and convert it so as to make it appear spectacular and amazing.

But whilst its abilities are striking, debatably what stands out majorly regarding it is the fact that how simple and easy it is to utilize. Even though you possess totally no experience for altering the videos, you are going to be capable of picking up the method to do it in really less time having the Movavi Video Editor.

It is really spontaneous that in case you devote some time having a look at the spotless and modest interface of it and testing with its traits – you are going to be capable of learning the manner to use the software.

Movavi Video Editor – Innovative Features

Supposing the fact that you’re ready to make use of it, it might help you to identify a bit regarding the precise traits that are there in the Movavi Video Editor. Few of the further distinguished areas that are certain to be valuable comprise of its ability to:

Clip off all the videos into different segments so as to remove certain sections of the recorded video that are not essential.

Combine distinct video clips to make a particular video and reorganize the arrangement in which it moves.

Put on the audio tracks comprising of the background music, voiceover, or even the sound effects and adjust the points of audio.

Add any kind of text that might be modified to make titles, captions, or the watermarks that look amazing in appearance.

Add in several kinds of artistic and unique effects and sieves to modify the style of the graphic of the video.

Try out these along with the audio effects that alter the sound of some of the audio tracks you select.

Put in trendy lively changes into your recorded video to tie together a variety of scenes.

Advance the whole quality of your recorded video and make any occurring issues correct that might come up afterward.

Centered on all this, it must be evident that Movavi Video Editor Software definitely goes over and further than the expected traits a video editor must have. All that, together with how simple it is to utilize, must be in excess of the enough purpose to halt hesitating and give it at least one shot.

Tubi TV Apk Latest Version 2.12.2 – Download Free Movies

Tubi TV is an online streaming app for all movies and TV buffs offering latest movies and shows in full HD quality from across the globe. And, the best part about this app is that it’s absolutely free. Yes, you don’t have to pay a single penny to enjoy entertainment in any shape or form and that too unlimited. You can watch it anywhere, anytime and on my operating device. All you need is grab your piece of pie and enjoy.

With this app, you can watch free shows and movies online that are updated every week. This is how you can never run out of entertainment on the go. You can watch movies from different genre including action, romance, Korean, anime, comedy, horror and a lot more without shelling a single penny. Tubi TV is offered large variety of free with HD quality movies to choose from and view them later at your convenience.

The makers of this app want to offer nothing but value by providing free as many TV shows and movies so that users can enjoy entertainment anytime, anywhere and anyplace.

Tubi TV Features:

  • You can watch movies & TV shows anytime, anywhere and anyplace
  • The user can stream online movies and TV shows from across the globe
  • Yes, it’s absolutely free streaming for every movie and TV show – Never pay a subscription!
  • Discover hidden gems and new favorites
  • You can also create your personal queue to bookmark what you want to watch
  • Watch on multiple devices, like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation, Chromecast or smart TVs

New Movies & TV Shows Updated every week

  • Browse the newly featured section for fresh releases to see what’s new this week!
  • Popular selection of TV shows from across the globe in all genres

Chromecast Support & Multi-Device Syncing

  • You can enjoy entertainment on the big screen with Chromecast or Airplay
  • Coordinate viewing amid your Android device and connected TVs (Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku devices, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TV, etc.)
  • You can now remain watching where from you left off on any device

Watch new movies and TV shows in your favorite genres like Drama, Comedy, Action, Horror, Anime and a lot more!

You can search films from foremost Hollywood talent, comprising Oscar winners and movies including Ryan Reynolds, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charlize Theron, Dwayne Johnson, Russell Crowe, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Kevin Spacey, amongst many other best Hollywood royalty.

Tubi TV lately added fresh anime series that are presently on the air in Japan (and available from other popular subscription-based anime apps) and will be accessible on Tubi TV the next day or a few weeks after their original airing and all that free of cost. It’s just part of the way that Tubi TV is developing for its viewers!

You can also check back every week’s fresh content extra to see new free TV shows and movies.

Tubi TV is a unique online streaming app through which Free Movies & TV can be downloaded and installed on Android devices supporting 16 API and above. You can also download the app and then move the apk file to any of your Android’s SD card and then use the same on your file manager you wish to browse & connect it. You can get apk  file to download the app from internet provide faster download speed than Tubi TV – Free Movies & TV apk mirrors such as zippyshare, users cloud, mega, sendspace, Mediafire, rapidgator, uploaded. You could also download apk of Tubi TV – Free Movies & TV and run it using android emulators such as big nox app player, bluestacks and koplayer.

Mobdro APK: The Best Video Streaming Application for Android

We are quite busy with our daily routine work that in middle of that we miss our favorite shows and movies we would like to enjoy. The weekend will have been hell boring if we don’t have our favorite shows to watch. Therefore Mobdro APK is one such entertaining app that is getting lot famous among people to enjoy its features. The Mobdro APK application is going to provide you a limitless entertainment and that too free of cost with a few of its amazing features.

There exist 2 methods to have fun while streaming online videos; the first one is paying an online subscription amount for apps such as Netflix or any other similar kind of application. The second way is downloading the Mobdro APK that is available on different operating systems and platforms all over the world. You may just opt for installing the Mobdro app and enjoy all your favorite movies and shows for free.

Working of the Mobdro App

The Mobdro online streaming application is one among the top entertainment apps at the present point of time. This remarkable Mobdro app continuously looks for content on the web and gets the latest and the finest video content for its users for free. This is the reason why the Mobdro video streaming application is a contender in the run for the finest online streaming apps that offer amazing and sharp video quality which is pleasing to the eye.

The Mobdro app has been officially designed and is available just for the Android devices and users. You will not be able to enjoy it on any other device until you possess a third party application. Third party apps will run your Android apps on other devices which act as an android emulator. In case you desire using the Mobdro online streaming app on their PC, then they would have to run the Bluestacks so as to install and enjoy the Android application on the PC. Subsequent to the download of the freemium emulator, you will be able to install the Mobdro APK for your PC.

You can also use other alternatives for Bluestacks like Nox app player, Andy Android Emulator, AMIDuOS, YouWave Android Emulator, Genymotion, and Windroy on your Windows to run your Android apps.

Features of Mobdro APK Application

These are the day’s people are very crazy about online live streaming videos it’s better to have one application that will enable you to watch movies and video online by live streaming. We are pretty fortunate to have an access to the Mobdro app. By making use of this application, people will be able to discover and enjoy online video streams for free and obtain the best sort of entertainment on their devices such as their smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptops.

It is an old kind of method towards getting entertainment, where you have to download movies on your PC, waiting for the download to complete, and then even wishing that no malware attacks your PC. These days, people genuinely prefer watching their desirable content online and have loads of fun watching your favorite shows and movies with the Mobdro APK.

The application is also available for mobile phones for streaming fast online content, thus we are offering you the download option as well so that you can stream the content online and also on Chromecast.

Using the Mobdro APK you will be able to witness a few of its amazing features such as:

  • Find the latest and the best video streams that are uploaded on the web
  • Enjoy watching TV shows of any genre with several language choices
  • You may also share the top videos among your friends and family
  • You can even bookmark the videos to watch it later
  • Categorize your videos as per language and your priority.
  • Use chrome cast integration to watch videos on TV or laptop
  • Set sleep timer and take break while watching the videos