Get these Beauty Apps to Capture the Best Selfies with Your Phone!

These days, all the people desire to look flawless and perfect on each and every social platform that they use the internet. Therefore, to get the finest selfies, which are ideal for your profiles, there exist a wide range of beauty apps that have the expertise to effortlessly provide you the exact type of change and perfection that you need in your image in just 3-4 easy steps.

These apps help you in acquiring more likes, comments, and shares on your profile since the images that they produce are really fabulous and flawless. Thus, to spread some awareness regarding such beauty applications for the smartphones, we have enlisted a few from the beauty applications list.

Makeup Genius

When using this application, you don’t need to upload any picture, this app affects all from cat eyes to bold and dark red lip shade or the pink blush or all at once. By means of your cell phone’s front camera, the application scans a total of 64 spots on your face to entirely swipe on the makeup. Using this application from L’Oréal Paris, you will witness that your face will look like the models in the television commercials endorsing the beauty products. As it all takes place live, you can check out each and every appearance from different angles.

Drugstore Dupes

This application is an invitation for all the beauty freaks that shop on a defined budget and pairing beauty items with low-cost drugstore modes. This app definitely puts reasonably priced goods suggestions for makeup, hair, skin, tools, and nails all at a single junction. So, all those who often shop for beauty products, this mobile app is a must.


As all of us know about how to edit an iPhone image so that we can share it on various social networks. But this application presents an extraordinary group of editing apparatus which doesn’t require any laptop or computer. With this application, you can smooth your complexion, flush unwanted marks, remove red-eye, and brighten up your teeth really fast.


With this application, all you need to do is click a photo of yours, build a skin profile, and let the application do the rest; it makes use of the dermatologist rated technology to recognize the biggest skin problem you encounter like redness, wrinkles, and spots, then give out the best recommendations for the products that can take care of them. This entire thing just takes place in a matter of seconds, and you can even buy those products right away!

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