Real Racing 2: Experience an Adrenaline Rush Like Never Before!

Real Racing 2 is a famous racing game that was developed and published by Firemint in the year 2010. It is powered by the Mint3D engine and has awesome graphics. The controls that have been provided in Real Racing 2 are similar to the first version titled Real Racing. The gamer has been provided with five distinct control options to choose from.

Option A illustrates the accelerometer steering with automatic acceleration and manual braking.

Option B features the accelerometer steering with manual acceleration and manual braking.

Option C showcases a virtual steering wheel on the screen to turn the car onto the desired path with auto acceleration and manual brakes.

Option D features a virtual steering wheel with manual acceleration and manual brakes.

Option E provides the touch to steer option that functions by touching the left part of the screen to turn left, and the right side to turn right with auto acceleration and manual brakes.

These are the exciting features associated with this game have been listed below:-

  • You can test your racing prowess against skilled Al drivers.
  • Choose from an amazing array of 30 official racing cars including cars like Nissan GT-R, McLaren MP4-12C, Ford Shelby Mustang GT500, and many others.
  • Outstanding racing environment unleashed!
  • Get upto10 hours of enticing gameplay.
  • Fabulous racing tracks with the option of night races.
  • 5 unmatched camera settings to provide improvised racing experience.
  • Striking graphics coupled up with the Best LED TV is going to offer an outstanding 3-D experience.

This real-time game is loved by many racing freaks from all the corners of the world and has achieved a lot of fame. So, if you also want to join the racing army, download the Real Racing 2 APK now and experience a whole new level of extreme racing.

Real Racing 2 – Gameplay

The game playing controls in Real Racing 2 is pretty analogous to its previous version. The player is provided with 5 distinct control techniques from which to select: Option A comes with the accelerometer steering, manual brake, and auto accelerate; Option B comprises manual accelerate, accelerometer steering, and manual brake; Option C offers a simulated on-screen steering wheel for navigation, manual brake, and auto accelerate, Option D has a simulated steering wheel to navigate, manual brake, and manual accelerate on offer; Option E delivers a touch for direction, manual brake, and auto accelerate.

In every single one of the above-described options, the player might be able to adjust the expanse of steering assist and brake assist, in addition to choosing to turn off or on “anti-skid”. Using Options A and B, the sensitivity of the accelerometer might as well be altered.

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